Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission 

At IBS, we not only sell  balloons!That is certainly not all of it for us!  We also do our best to provide with those balloons the best possible support.

We are trying to do this by -in addition to offering a wide range at a correct price- organising continuing education and training .

Here are some important reasons why we think that you get the best total package at IBS :

-widest range in Europe : both in latex and foil balloons as in accessories and equipment 

-qualified staff : no distributor in Europe has more Certified Balloon Artists (CBA's) in service than IBS , ready to assist you whenever needed 

-a expert!-multilingual staff : our staff can serve you in the language of Molière, Shakespeare ,Vondel or Goethe; in case of necessity they are not  afraid to throw in some Spanish or Italian !!

-up to date range : we always try to find new, interesting products and the latest news! We love to listen to your suggestions and comments 

-excellent service : we make it a point to offer an excellent service! In doing so, we guarantee the same high standards of service for each customer, with each order and each time you visit our Cash & Carry!

-years of experience : IBS was founded in 1995 which means that we have nearly 20 years experience in the balloon business; we also have attended dozens of conferences and events and  learned a bunch there This knowledge and experience we put gladly at the disposal of our customers!

-continuous training : in the organisation of workshops and qualitative events IBS has a track record like no distributor in Europe and we are proud of it!  We are determined to continue to stay in the forefront in this area!

-the right price: we strive to give good value for money! We will not always be the cheapest on the market but we have rarely been the most expensive ! In that regard, we should like you to remember the wise words of John Ruskin in The Low Bid 

-always fresh balloons: we purchase in large quantities but try to keep the cycle in our warehouse as short as possible so that we can always offer you fresh balloons!

-listening: we listen to our customers and have attention for your questions and comments; we endeavour to follow up on each reasonable request of our customers !

-a clear and easy to navigate website: we want to offer our customers not only the opportunity to do their purchases over the internet but also make that experience as pleasant and safe as possible!